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We turn problems into profit.

We at All Feed Processing & Packaging Inc (all feed) are dedicated to adding value to feed ingredients for the pet food industry. Not only do we do the basic grinding cleaning and packaging but also R&D on products or packaging new to the pet food industry (including the bird food market, and flavor additives industries) . This type of R&D includes granulation, packaging, dehydration, roasting, general and specific separation, etc. All Feed has a customer base recognized, appreciated, and utilized by all of the major and minor pet food manufacturers. Our working relationship with these customers allows us to call on them for information, finding a source of feed ingredients or potential markets for a new product or process. We understand and work well with the pet food industries process for working new products into a ration with their test schedule of - 1 lb., 50 lb., 100 lb., 1/2 load, full load. We know the needs for sizing of nut meats and variety of packaging for the wild feed mixes. We have set up specific processes in areas that need a plant in a logistically crucial area.

It is our goal to be part of our customers success, whether it comes through our facilities or not.

If you have any questions about our services, products, or plant location options please feel free to email me .

Thank you, 

Timothy O. Anderson